Men. Instruction for use. 2021

We live in a very modern and advanced world, which is constantly evolving and coming up with new standards and criteria, but some issues of our life come to a standstill, and most often acquire colors of unconditional absurdity. New media are broadcasting to us the standard of a free and independent woman who can do everything by herself, but is this really so?
Should a woman still be a woman, and then what to do with these men?
This project is a small sarcastic instruction of 20 rules based on the main issues and claims of modern women.
Men, in today's equal world, are not enemies and should not be. And a woman, even the most powerful and independent, should always remain a woman. Power can only be seized by soft power, which we women are naturally good at.
But how do we get men to finally do whatever we want? This project is based on the analysis of women's forums and blogs about relationships, on the analysis of blogs of feminists, independent women, "kept women" and escort women. Simply put, on the opinion of completely different women who advocate different values and foundations. But they are all united by one thing, they are all women! I contributed a bit of sarcasm to this project so that all these problems do not seem to us any more problems and we could just notice them.



Canvas, oil, ink
140*90cm /  55,12*35,43 inch

Rule number one - don't leave a man hungry.
It still seems to me that a woman should feed a man. After all, men definitely love to eat.A hungry man is an angry man. A hungry and angry man is a greedy man. And who needs one?⠀
If you don’t know how to cook, or don’t want to waste your time on it, and buying take-out food in restaurants does not allow the budget, you can simply pour boiling water over the instant noodles. The main thing is with care and love!



Canvas, oil, ink
140*90cm / 55,12*35,43 inch

Rule number two from this collection: It is not necessary to fight with men for power; men should be perceived as helpers in life. After all, the main weapon of a woman is cunning and charm.Soft power, soft power.



Canvas, oil, ink
140*90cm / 55,12*35,43 inch

Rule number three. Between love and hate, you always have to choose love.



Canvas, oil, ink
140*90cm / 55,12*35,43 inch

Rule number four. If a man doesn't want to do something, try to find an incentive for him.