emotionality of my work, creating a vivid contrast in black and white.
The themes that are touched in the paintings have an emotional and psychological connotation, these topics are the most interesting for me, and I display them in my art. I am looking for the border of understanding and reaction of people to different life situations.  The main goal of such work is to convey to people the whole essence of various situations that are not seriously thought about, in order to draw attention to this. For this, was created the THINKITOVER project. The meaning that is invested in it is that people become more attentive, notice problems around themselves and can help someone else. If everyone does not start with himself, it will never be better.


Everything is so bad, not because the whole world is bad, but because we do not pay attention to the people around us and do not try to help when it is needed. We think only of ourselves and lose sight of the lives of those close to us. Indifference and carelessness can lead to tragic consequences. The paintings  about In such cases as depression and all its consequences, illness, betrayal, cruelty to animals, domestic violence, children living in a hard  families, unemployment and others



We are want a perfect life, but we ourselves turn into insensitive monsters. We do not value time, moments and everything that surrounds us. The whole world cannot be blamed; everyone should start with himself. Compassion is a sign of humanity. Cruelty and indifference is one of the main problems of the modern world, and as an artist I want to show it.



As an artist, I'm interested in displaying emotional contrast and feelings, the relationship of color and its perception. I am not interested in aesthetic beauty, I am not trying to achieve it. In my paintings I try to challenge the viewer to have an emotional conversation with yourself, find yourself in the paintings and make you to think. In my art, I strive to cause a storm of different emotions.





The animals want to live too
canvas, oil
80x60 cm

The painting was created as part of the THINITOVER project in support of homeless animals.
My style and presentation can be understood from previous works, many meanings are repeated.
The meaning of the picture is the attitude of people to animals. A woman personifies a completely open, sympathetic person. A person who does not pass by will not pretend that he has not noticed, a hungry, frozen animal. Of course, we are not able to shelter everyone, but everyone can feed. Do not drive out of the basements, do not kill, do not poison, do not scoff. A lot of people mock animals! It is these people in the picture that represent the skeletons, evil, cruel and inhuman.
I’m not a crazy fan and activist, but I’m for people to be kinder and more attentive.
Compassion is a sign of humanity.


She's not what she seems

canvas, oil

30x40 cm 

Surely everyone met a man who was not the one you imagined. When you spread all of yourself, and in return you get a game. A game of several personalities, one person. There is only one object, but several lives.
The man and woman in the picture reflect this particular plot of life. “She is not what she seems” and therefore the woman in the picture has three heads or three faces that personify three different life scenarios in which she plays. The man in the picture supports the other side of the situation, he has one life and that she. She is everything to him, but he is nothing to her. 
In the picture, I focus on a bright color palette. A certain collapse of the situation and color, which should leave a number of emotional impressions for the viewer. 


oil, canvas 
60*50 cm 

This is a talking name, it is not at all difficult to understand the meaning here. Actual, the problem of modern society (at least in Russia). Neither work, nor salary, and there is still such a salary that you just want to cry. And most importantly, the truly experts in their field from God didn’t surrender to anyone. And they are here, and there are many really talented people, but they have very few opportunities. (I don’t know about the situation in other countries).
The picture shows two realities of what is and what will be. Only a person changes, the environment remains the same. It will not exactly interpret the meaning - hunger = death. I emphasized a broader and deeper meaning, such as poor quality of life and lack of work, leading to bitterness, depression, and many other physical and psychological problems. .
Bright colors are not used randomly. I want to emphasize with them that even in the most difficult situation there is always a way out. Such a color scheme was chosen so as not to cause longing and rejection at the psychological level, but to regard it as a call to action. 



oil, canvas 


How many people experience domestic violence? And tyranny?
Unfortunately in the modern world this is still a problem. I know art should please, not upset. But there is something that I want to say through him. There are more positivity through the screens of smartphones in our lives than we need. A beautiful picture of ideal life revolves everywhere. In pursuit of a non-existent ideal, we miss the main aspects of our lives. Stop, exhale. Look at what really, REALLY, is happening around you. Everything has its own price, and sometimes it can be the price of a lifetime.



oil, canvas




oil, canvas 
60*50 cm 


oil, canvas 40 *30 


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